Boarding Form

Use this form to request for Cattery services

The peace of mind of boarding your cat at a professionally managed facility at a competitive cost far outweighs most other facilities in our view. The facilities are meticulously kept and your inspection is welcome.

The cattery facility at PetsOasis is the feather in our cap.

  • Large spacious cat pens have been set up high (as all cats love)
  • Over looking garden, fully air conditioned, brightly coloured cozy kitty basket for a lovely nap
  • Feeling of warmth & comfort
  • Soft music creates a relaxing atmosphere
  • Outdoor and indoor cat gym to keep them well excercised
  • Personal attention with cuddles and play time

The cats get a run of the cattery which is designed to give a living room effect to the boarders to substantiate home away from home feeling. Pet safe plants purifies the air and adds an outdoor element for your in door pets. Soft music background creates a relaxing distraction. Well ventilated and highly hygenic cattery ensures a happy stay for your pet.

It is our job to make your pets stay with us as enjoyable as possible. We make sure that each kitty gets personal attention while they stay with us. They are cuddled and talked and played with. The scratch posts and cat gyms keep them well exercised.

PetsOasis Cattery can cater for all ‘Special Diets’, so please let us know your cat’s requirements at the time of booking their stay.

We are also happy to feed them with food that you have specially prepared, should that be your wish.

Whilst your cats are on holiday with us we groom the long and semi-long haired cats regularly to keep their coats in good condition, however the short haired cats are just groomed for pleasure. Our complementary grooming on checkout day is appreciated both by cats and our customers.

If required we can provide transport for the cats if customers are unable to collect or deliver them to us.

Your Cat’s Health
In the unlikely event that your cat should require medical attention of any kind, then we can reassure you that we have a vet on call 24 hours a day.

All cats in our cattery are cared for in every way and checked on a regular basis to ensure their stay is a happy one.

Write to us at or call us on +971-6-7662397 to discuss on how we can take care of your lovable pet while you are away.