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Pets oasis

The Purple Paws Initiative

Because we Care

“ Until one has loved an animal,
a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”

The “PURPLE PAWS” initiative was started to mark the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Pets Oasis’s heartfelt and dedicated commitment towards the pet community. Although, we have always been committed to our social obligation but now we would like to extend our programme to you as well. The purple paws initiative is further supported by everyone that is part of the Pets Oasis family, through the various products that you purchase from “The Purple”. Such as Purple Bakes, The Purple Boutique and The Purple Portraits.  Pamper your fur baby with a purchase from the purple and help find a safe home for a pet on the street

What’s it all about – if you come across and animal in need of your assistance and would like to give it a place in your home but initial financial commitment is holding you back. As an appreciation for your kind gesture Purple Paws will give you all the initial support that you will need. Our grooming parlour will ensure that the pet you are going to take home is all clean and fluffy. Our Vet’s will do a general check-up to ensure the pet is all safe to come home. Yes, we will do the vaccinations and the deworming too. The pet will be microchipped, and a vaccination book issued with you as the owner. Did we say tick and flea’s treatment yes! It will be done too. So, you have a pet all set to join your family and all this is going to be shouldered by us supported by The Purple . Yes you read it right.

For that ultimate commitment

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To help save that life

Call or WhatsApp us on 0097167662397
or email us on, we will help