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Dog Suites

Striving to provide the best possible stay for your pets


It’s that time of the year… frenzied packing, excited chatter, everyone looking forward to a welcome change! But your heart is heavy at the thought of leaving your precious pet behind! You wish you could give them an equally memorable experience!
Well, your wish just got granted! Pets’ Oasis Arcadia has arrived! It’s your pet’s dream destination! Wouldn’t be at all surprised if you end up envying them!
Vacations mean a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and that was exactly the thought behind choosing the emirate of UAQ as our stomping ground. Situated in quiet and peaceful surroundings, Pets’ Oasis Arcadia is easily reached by a short drive from most emirates. No busy traffic or honking horns to bother your precious pets! After all, they deserve a break from all that too, right? And don’t you worry about how they will settle in because the wellbeing of our guests is our TOP priority. Pets’ Oasis Arcadia has taken the phrase creature comforts to a whole new level! Luxuriously soft bedding, gourmet food and a fantastic team to care of them – all you will need to worry about is whether they will like coming back home!


“Who let the dogs out? Woof… woof… woof!” —- we did!! They say every dog has his day well, at Pets’ Oasis Arcadia, every canine guest has all the days and all our attention! Their wish is our command!
Your mind will be completely at ease with the knowledge that

Each guest has his/her own suite complete with a comfy bean bag to lounge on

Suites have been customized for various breeds from the tiny little Chihuahua to the gentle giant Saint Bernards

  • They have their own little courtyard which leads on to a common area for having a social bow-wow
  • And if this wasn’t enough, there is even a walking path surrounding a fun park filled with toys so that the guests can really let down their hair!
  • Oh, wait! There is more to come there is an amazing indoor play area complete with an obstacle course for those hot summer days!
  • Hang on, did we mention the indoor pool for exercise, cooling off or for splashing around for the fun of it?!
  • Burn a few calories why not? The dog pacer treadmill is the favorite of all to stay fit
  • Besides all this, your tiny pampered pooches get really ELITE treatment in consideration of their delicate temperament. They have an exclusive area to hang out away from big dogs. Each teeny guest has deluxe accommodation with plush sofas and cushy rugs! We even have our own darling little ambassador to check in on them!


Last but not the least, if you feel that the apple of your eye would be more at ease in familiar home like surrounds, then we have a presidential suite – an elegant and beautifully laid out sitting room complete with a TV and a large window just so that our guest feels at home… mi casa, su casa!

Our passion for animals is reflected in everything we do. Nothing but topnotch treatment for our esteemed guests! Thus, we also provide complimentary grooming to all our guests and regular checkups to ensure that they remain in the pink of health.

You will be super pleased to know that though we provide only the very best quality of food, you are welcome to inform us of any specific requirements in diet or medications that your pet may have and we shall do the needful. If you feel that your pets would be more comfortable with their own stuff, we are most happy to accommodate your wishes! Anything to make our guests feel at home!
Talk to us about our pet taxi for that decadent chauffeur driven arrival of your pet at Arcadia. They may be your besties, but for us, they are our esteemed guests who are worthy of premium treatment!