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Pet Relocation

We make a stress free, safe and comfortable flight for your pets
When you plan a move, whether into UAE or out of UAE, one of your greatest concerns will be how to move with your pet. If planned in time, with professional assistance from Pets Oasis, it will be easy as pie and the best decision that you have taken for your pet. When you ask us to relocate your pet, we ensure that both the pet and its owner are stress free and that the pet has a safe and comfortable journey.

When you relocate your pet with Pets Oasis

  • It’s a one stop destination for your pet’s relocation
  • Relocation is by a professional veterinarian
  • Your pet is handled with utmost care
  • 9It’s efficient, precise and methodical
  • No stress of shuffling your pet between the offices
  • IATA approved customized travel boxes
  • Documentation / attestation at Ministry
  • Acquiring Ministry health letter is our responsibility
  • Cargo village document processing is done by us
  • Booking of the flights is also our responsibility
  • Airport pickup & delivery of your pet is also a part of our service
  • Door to door delivery service
  • Absolutely no hidden cost
Above all, we pride ourselves on a customer oriented and hassle-free service.
What size crate would my pet need?